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VIVA Jerseys - Coming soon!


The VIVA promotional jersey is almost here. This lightweight jersey focuses on the past in its design but embraces the future with its material. The jersey features the latest technology in jersey construction and material. Our favorite features are the vents on the side panels for those hot summer days and a seamless, tag-less neck line. 

This is a promotional run which means you'll be able to pick these up for a steal. Don't expect the low price to last, though! Stay tuned for the release date.

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Functional Fashion in Today's Market

It's easy to see the environmental, civic, and health benefits of cycling. As bicycles become more the norm for city dwellers, bicycle clothing is becoming more responsive to the needs of cyclists once they dismount. Not every cyclist is dying to slip into full reflective neon spandex, nor do evening gowns and stilettos really come to mind when one hears functional fashion. Viva La Bicicleta is a new company reshaping the idea of bicycle clothing. Viva shirts are comfortable and stylish and promote cycling as an alternate means of transit. Smartwool offers a wide selection of...

Some Thoughts on Functional Fashion

Functional fashion is an innovative blend of both fashion and function with no compromises made on either front. This is great news for people who choose the greener option of commuting by bicycle to work. Cycling to work during the winter or fall seasons tends to be more manageable, as the weather will keep you cool and there will be fewer chances that you arrive at your destination drenched in sweat. The concept of bicycle clothing is aimed at people who wish to combine the sporting aspect of clothing without compromising on the professional attire look.  By creating functional, fashionable...

The Rise in Bicycle use in the United States

More and more Americans are turning from gas pedal power to muscle pedal power, leaving vehicles in the driveway in favor of hitting the roads on bicycles. Is it the rising numbers on the gas pump or on the scales that is causing a renewed popularity of the bicycle?

According to a study done by Rutgers University and Virginia Tech, there are several reasons for the increased interest. The final report, released in March, 2011, titled Analysis of Bicycling Trends and Policies in Large North American Cities: Lessons for New York" ( give some...