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Some Thoughts on Functional Fashion

Functional fashion is an innovative blend of both fashion and function with no compromises made on either front. This is great news for people who choose the greener option of commuting by bicycle to work. Cycling to work during the winter or fall seasons tends to be more manageable, as the weather will keep you cool and there will be fewer chances that you arrive at your destination drenched in sweat. The concept of bicycle clothing is aimed at people who wish to combine the sporting aspect of clothing without compromising on the professional attire look.  By creating functional, fashionable clothes, we’re offering cyclists an option they can be proud of and not feel as if they are compromising their style.

As we know, high performance clothing isn’t necessarily appropriate for the office environment and with Viva La Bicicleta, one can show up to work looking and feeling good, knowing that their clothes are durable, and their style not compromised. Cycling has increased in popularity over the last few years and the demand for casual to professional clothes are ever increasing. With Bicycle clothing hitting the market, cycling to destinations need not be a big concern; with Viva La Bicicleta, it's as simple as opening your closet and hitting the road. 

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