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Functional Fashion in Today's Market

It's easy to see the environmental, civic, and health benefits of cycling. As bicycles become more the norm for city dwellers, bicycle clothing is becoming more responsive to the needs of cyclists once they dismount. Not every cyclist is dying to slip into full reflective neon spandex, nor do evening gowns and stilettos really come to mind when one hears functional fashion. Viva La Bicicleta is a new company reshaping the idea of bicycle clothing. Viva shirts are comfortable and stylish and promote cycling as an alternate means of transit. Smartwool offers a wide selection of sleek designs specifically for cycling made of Merino microfiber. The trick to right cycling outfit is to find a wicking garment that allows sweat to evaporate quickly. Wool generally is a great choice in cold regions, but if you want functional fashion for warmer climes, microfiber wool is a worthy investment. An especially innovative company based out of Brooklyn, We Flashy uses reflective material for their clothing designs. Anyone whose ever ridden at night knows the value of visibility. We Flashy's designs give you a cool artsy shirt that motorists can easily spot. These and other companies are bringing functional fashion to bicycle clothing.

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